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Hello, there. I’m Julianne Day Ignacio.

I’m a born-and-raised New Yorker (a Bushwick native before the gentrification, if you’re wondering) who loves urban living, technology, art, and design. I have a background in psychology and currently work as a service coordinator in healthcare, helping people with disabilities get connected to resources in their communities. I’m also in the process of jumping into an exciting new career in media and publishing. Right now I’m pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Media Studies and a Certificate in Media Management at The New School.

That’s me on the right, holding an editorial design book I had splurged on at the bookstore because I could not bear to leave without it. I’m obsessed with typography, and I even have a typewriter necklace that I wear from time to time. You can even read about my undying love for the typewriter on the online magazine I started with my friend Justine.

Each new challenge to conquer comes with a new set of fun. 

I’ve been known to stay up late designing my own graphic design projects and researching HTML and CSS codes to build websites and applications from scratch. I learned how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs to establish my design and editorial goals. During my spare time, if I’m not taking photos of the New York City urban jungle, I delve into design books and read about the history of fonts, New York architecture, landmarks, as well as archaic media like the pneumatic tube mailing system. I also have an obsession with watching historical dramas, attending poetry open mic nights, learning what I can about intersectional feminist theories from writers like Roxane Gay and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, as well reading up on trending business and technology news in The New Yorker and The New York Times. If I’m curious about something, I have a tendency to find out what I can about the topic and ask others what they think. My varied interests all inform how I think about theory and how I create media.

The idea of starting projects from scratch can seem daunting at first, but I’ve decided not to let it scare me. Eventually, you have to forget the fear and the doubts so that you can put your best work forward. You got this. You can do this. It just means you’ll have to work twice as hard. That’s how I ended up creating all of these projects that you see featured here in my portfolio.

My main interests are in book publishing and in online magazine publishing — areas where I can use my skills in coordinating projects and creating new content to tell compelling stories across different audiences and social media platforms. I’m a writer, editor, and design geek who loves to get organized, make plans, discuss ideas and brainstorm over coffee, and I love diving into the creative process.

My portfolio website serves as a chronicle of my creative journey, as well as showcasing my passion for media, design, and publishing. Feel free to check out the major projects that I have either worked on in the past or am in the process of completing, and let me know if you’d like to get in touch to discuss collaborations and creative opportunities over coffee.

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